Our staff at St. Michael Academy Preschool wants to keep the interest of their students and encourage them by changing the props and themes to incorporate a safe environment and fun experience every day as they play and interact with each other.

Drama - Giving our students realistic props and actual material builds their imagination, social skills and students gain the skill to use and care for the items. Dressing up like Doctors, Policemen or taking care of their play babies is a fun and creative way to role play, pretend and communicate.

Kitchen Area - The best meals can be prepared at this dinner table - from pancakes to serving coffee. The children are exposed to toys such as vegetables and fruits and the perfect opportunity to learn about the healthy food pyramid.

Art - So much is expressed through art and we give each child the opportunity to create their masterpiece to communicate, share their thoughts and feelings and learn with and through art.

Music - Is played though the day for the purpose of learning, setting the tone for creativity, resting, exercising and for the most fun, dancing! Providing our students with musical instruments is a must for creating a form of self-expression.

Movement - Making themselves as small as a ladybug or as big as giraffe is part of their everyday activities. Enhancing their large motor skills is crucial at this age; then, we continue with the small motor skills.

Science - Science is introduced to the students -- physical, earth and life -- throughout their theme-based curriculum. We make a robot using recycled items; we collect ladybugs and even create clouds with steam! These are fun activities where students experience first-hand and learn through their enjoyment. Exploring a roly-poly and playing with corn starch are just a few things from the list of projects they will experience. Science is their time to invent, learn, and enjoy.

Blocks - Blocks are very popular and a valuable learning material for our students. Learning about shapes or how high a building can be built, exploring on their own using just their imaginations, creating a structure, a train track, a farm - whether working on their own or working together with their peers, students are exposed to trials and errors and many successes.

Library - We take every opportunity to expose each student with up to date excellent literature. Our students look forward to taking care of Bookie the Bear and reading during their weekends together. Reading to the students is a favorite activity of our staff. They witness the student's enjoyment, interest and involvement while being read to, increasing the student's vocabulary and language skills.