RELIGION - Religion is the most important part of our being here. We offer every opportunity to instill God's love in each student, and to teach him or her to love others as well. Through Bible stories, religious songs, projects, by-yearly religious performances and daily walks to actually see God's creations (trees, animals, sky, sun, etc.), our students will know they are truly special children of God.

WEEKLY CHURCH VISITS - Our students join the Academy students weekly in Church, officiated by our priest - together we will pray, learn about God and sing praises to Him. We are fortunate to have surprise visits from our Priest and, at these times, they may join us for special meals, prayers and a blessing.

MUSIC - All students will attend a weekly class at the Academy with the Music Teacher. She will share her expertise with piano and voice lessons, using music from both Mother Good and St. Michael's Catholic Church's Choir music/songs.

LIBRARY - Visiting our newly remodelled Library on site is also a special treat for our students and being read to by our Librarian only enhances the visit. Students are able to listen to quality literature and broaden their love to learn.

SPANISH - Spanish is introduced daily during Circle times through stories, conversation, etc. We also are able to assist the English as a Second Language ("ESL") student by encouraging them to speak English.

"What they hear, they forget" "What they see, they remember" "What they do, they will know"