2'S - By introducing your two year old to our school and using the 2- or 3-day program, it allows the separation/weaning process to begin. When using this schedule, you are giving your child the opportunity to be with others and enjoy those moments of socialization, play and creativity. What a better way to broaden what you have already started at home in sharing and teaching them that God loves them. All of these experiences are guided, supervised and taught by qualified teachers who are selected from a group of applicants to better serve our students.

3'S - The three year old group, often times is combined with the two year old group depending on present enrollment. Each student is encouraged to achieve their maximum goal of development according to their age. Many projects are introduced such as hands-on activities, music, movement, drama, cooking, gardening and, any opportunity that we have to share with the children that "God's Presence" is everywhere!

4'S / 5'S - This group is being prepared to enter kindergarten. The Creative Curriculum Program is a system of human growth for education. This curriculum offers opportunities for students to learn how to think and manage their own lives with increased ability and confidence. We will give each student the opportunity to experience God through exploring, learning, touching, socializing, singing, sharing, and just having fun through the wonders of His creations.


The 2 and 3's room is designed for introduction to everything from blocks to Icky Sticky Mud. The rooms are set up with "Learning Centers" so each student has access to toy, manipulatives, dress-up clothing, science and most important to touch the Bible at any time. A loft area is perfect for that cozy quiet time to enjoy quality literature and we are able to use this room as an opening, napping, and closing room.

The Pre-Kindergarten room is set up in "Learning Centers". Children quickly orient themselves with everything within their own reach. "Little Jobs" are taught well in advance to enhance a certain skill which will prepare them for life - cutting with scissors, reading from left-to-right, counting, sorting, risk taking, partnering and not to mention their ABC's. Being enrolled in this class gives you first priority to enter kindergarten at St. Michael Academy once the recommendation is made by our staff.